KENZY: Text-to-Speech (TTS)


Parameter Type Default Description
group str None Device membership group
location str None Location, e.g. "Living Room"
model.type str speecht5 Options are: festival, speecht5 str gpu SpeechT5 options: gpu, cpu
speaker str slt SpeechT5 options: slt, clb, bdl, ksp, rms, jmk
external_player str None External player command
cache.folder str ~/.kenzy/cache/speech Folder for caching spoken phrases
offline bool false Will disable downloading the models

The model type of speecht5 uses the microsoft/speecht5_tts model from The festival option calls the external festival program.

Note: You should consider only setting offline after you have executed the program at least once so that it fully downloads all model files. Once they are downloaded you can switch the offline mode on so that it does not try to re-download the models (which enables the program to then run without an Internet connection).

The external_player option allows you to specify a program like paplay that can play wave files rather than using the built-in pythonic player.

Example YAML file

See Service Settings for options in the service group.

type: kenzy.tts

  location:                 Living Room
  group:                    Primary
  model.type:               speecht5             cpu
  speaker:                  slt
  cache.folder:             ~/.kenzy/cache/speech

  port:                     9702

Help & Support

Help and additional details is available at